Thursday, 28 July 2016

And It Starts....

A very big, warm welcome to or back to (if you used to follow) my blog. I'm super excited to finally be blogging again. This time round I will mainly be focussing on skincare. Over the years my perception on beauty has definitely matured. I used to be so obsessed with makeup with the desired outcome to always look flawless. Now that I'm older, I guess my priorities have just changed where spending money on skincare took precedent over the newest makeup collection. I would rather  sit down and research skincare products instead of learning new makeup techniques, and that's when I realised my interests had changed. Hopefully, when you read some of my future posts, you'll understand how I discovered this whole new world and decided to get tangled in it. I'm completely a skincare hoarder now and you'll see this from my constant product reviews. I have a wonderful line up ready =)

I also wanted to apologies for leaving the blogging world. I think I needed the time and space to really feel the desire to blog again - it's back so I'm here! I want this blog to be a place for me to release my passion and knowledge as and when I have the time to. I work full time so things may be a little slower than the average blogger's speed in 2016. I won't be treating this blog as a competition, or an outlet to potentially grow and explode. I honestly want a small, private blog where I can create a portal to share information with you all. You won't see any social media or pictures of me and that's just because I'd love to remain anonymous this time round.

I really hope that I create a little skincare home for you all to enjoy.


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